Waste     Industry     Training     (WIT)     believes     an     educated workforce     creates     a     safe     and     more     productive     work environment     while     elevating     morale.          Our     staff     and consultants   have   experience   on   all   fronts   including   safety, operations,    manufacturing,    sales,    and    hauling    within    the solid waste industry. We   have   observed   an   overwhelming   need   for   training   and the   documentation   thereof,   for   your   employee   files.   Hence, Waste   Industry   Training   (WIT)   was   born,   providing   a   wide variety    of    online    solid    waste    industry    training    courses available    to    all    of    your    employees    including    office    staff, drivers,   maintenance   personnel,   and   management.   WIT   can provide    custom    courses    communicating    your    corporate philosophies and goals. One   of   our   main   goals   is   to   ensure   your   employees   get   the proper   training   to   enable   them   to   perform   their   duties   in   the safest   and   most   efficient   manner   while   giving   them   the   tools they    need    to    advance    within    your    organization.        The knowledge   of   the   solid   waste   industry,   concern   for   safety, and    maintaining    high    ethics    are    the    foundation    of    this company.        We    look    forward    to    working    with    you    and providing all of your organization’s employee training needs. Yours Truly, The Staff at WasteIndustryTraining.com
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About Us
MISSION STATEMENT It   is   our   commitment   to   provide   the   most   comprehensive, consistent,   and   up   to   date   training   in   the   solid   waste   industry.     Not   only   to   improve   the   safety   awareness   of   each   employee, but   to   increase   the   performance   in   their   daily   responsibilities. By    providing    quality    training,    it    is    our    goal    to    improve    a company’s   margins   by   giving   their   employees   the   tools   to   be successful and safe.
“The Industry’s Educator”